Swan Valley Planning Area - Development Application - Proposed change in opening hours and days of the existing cellar door, and addition of restaurant and distillery uses - Lot 25 (1050) Great Northern Highway, Baskerville - 21 -50926 -1

Closed 6 May 2024

Opened 22 Apr 2024


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is seeking public comment on a proposal for Change of Opening Hours and Days of the Existing Cellar Door and Addition of Restaurant and Distillery Uses in the Swan Valley planning area. 

The change applies to Lot 25 (1050) Great Northern Highway, Baskerville.

The opening hours of the cellar door currently comprise of:

  • Friday to Monday between 11am and 5pm at a capacity of 55 patrons.

The Cellar Door is proposed to be opened:

  • Seven (7) days a week.
  • Monday to Wednesday 6am - 5pm
  • Thursday to Friday 6am - 7pm
  • Weekends 6am - 12am (midnight), with actual opening hours to be refined based on demand. 

In addition to the change in operating days and hours, approval is sought for a 'Restaurant' use to enable the sale of food at the cellar door and will include associated outdoor alfresco seating, and a 'Distillery' use to facilitate distilling operations and associated tours, educational experiences and sampling of products. 

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Frequently asked questions

Why is this application being advertised by DPLH?

The Swan Valley Planning area is in the control of the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). Any development within this area requires a Development Application which is lodged with the DPLH on behalf of the WAPC.

Who is the applicant for this development and who is the owner of the site?

The applicant and owner for this application are the same:

D. Stewart. 

What is the value of the development?


What is the role of the City of Swan?

Because this land is under the control of the WAPC, the City of Swan is consulted as a stakeholder.

Has there been any community consultation on this project already?

No, this is the first time the community is being asked for feedback.

What are the elements of the development that I am able to influence?

As part of the consultation, the WAPC is seeking feedback from anyone who would like to provide comments.

What is the process for this development to be determined?

Following advertising, officers will assess the issues and prepare a report and recommendation that will be considered for a decision by the Swan Valley Planning Committee or its delegated Officer.



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