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Open Consultations

  • Medium Density Code

    The State Government is seeking feedback on a proposed draft Medium Density Code. This Code will form part of SPP 7.3 Residential Design Codes Volume 1 (R-Codes), to encourage greater diversity of well-designed housing to meet the changing needs and expectations of our community. ... More

    Closes 16 April 2021

  • Residential and Commercial Development, South Perth – development application

    Artist impression only. The development application proposes 175 apartments, café/restaurant, offices and small bar. Address: Lots 2, 15 and 16 (86-90) Mill Point Road, South Perth Local Government: City of South Perth Value: $150 million Documents ... More

    Closes 23 April 2021

  • Draft Operational Policy 1.11 - Community Schemes and draft Community Schemes Guidelines

    Community Titles Schemes are being introduced to Western Australia through the Community Titles Act 2018 (CT Act). A community scheme is a new form of tenure for land and buildings to facilitate more complex or mixed-use subdivision and development within a shared environment. The CT Act... More

    Closes 27 April 2021

  • Aboriginal heritage assessment of ID 31739 (Kalgan River)

    Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 Notice of Assessment The Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC) will assess Aboriginal heritage place ID 31739 , being the Kalgan River, as its meeting on 11 May 2021. The Kalgan River has importance and significance due to having... More

    Closes 27 April 2021

  • Draft Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme Policy No. 1 – West End Precincts

    The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is seeking public comment on the draft Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme Policy No. 1 – West End Precincts. The purpose of the improvement scheme policy is to guide land use and development within the West End of Port Hedland. It... More

    Closes 27 April 2021

Closed Consultations

  • Draft Dark Sky and Astrotourism Position Statement

    The Western Australian Planning Commission is seeking public comment on the draft Dark Sky and Astrotourism Position Statement. The draft Position Statement aims to preserve and protect the night sky for future generations through five dark sky principles, and to facilitate astrotourism... More

    Closed 26 March 2021

  • Recreation Facility and Restaurant, Dalkeith – development application

    This consultation has closed. More information about this development application can be found on the DPLH website . Artist impression only. The development application proposes demolition of the existing Tawarri Reception Centre and development of a recreation facility (day... More

    Closed 22 March 2021

  • Medium Density Consultation Events

    A series of Medium Density workshops have been scheduled to gain feedback and input for stakeholders. Workshops The workshops will provide the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the draft Medium Density Code and are tailored to provide focussed information for the following... More

    Closed 7 March 2021

  • Draft State Planning Policy 4.2 Activity Centres

    This consultation provides an opportunity for you to have your say about draft State Planning Policy 4.2 - Activity Centres and Implementation Guidelines. These documents are available for viewing/download in the footer of this consultation. Information you provide in your submission will be... More

    Closed 3 March 2021

  • Apartments and Retail, Subiaco – development application

    Artist impression only. This consultation has closed. More information about this development application can be found on the DPLH website . Address: Lots 23, 24, 25 & 26 (385) Rokeby Rd, Subiaco Local Government: City of Subiaco Value: $21m More

    Closed 26 February 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

The draft Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) Position Statement Special Entertainment Precincts was released for public consultation from 22 November 2019 until 14 February 2020.

More than 2,300 letters were sent to all residents, property owners and businesses in Northbridge, every local government authority and key stakeholders at the start of the consultation period. Details regarding the five scheduled information sessions and consultation process were also promoted on the Department’s website and social media pages. In addition, the consultation featured in several prominent newspapers and in two radio interviews.

Feedback was sought on:

  • the level of support for the use of special entertainment precincts to manage entertainment noise
  • what special entertainment precincts should look like and how they should function
  • the process and methodology for establishing special entertainment precincts
  • appropriate locations for special entertainment precincts.

You said

130 submissions were received. 79 per cent of submissions supported the draft position statement’s approach to entertainment noise management, either in full or with modifications. In general, submissions recognised the need to support vibrant nightlife and approved of the increased certainty provided by the proposed approach.

There was strong advocacy from multiple stakeholder groups for expanded provisions and boundaries to cater for increased vibrancy and industry growth, including provision for standalone venues.

Entertainment venues expressed strong overall support for the model (97 per cent) and provided comment on:

  • the venue approval process
  • commercial impact on venues
  • improved venue protections
  • boundary expansion and revised noise levels.

Residents of Northbridge were the least supportive of the broad stakeholder groups, although more residents supported the proposed approach in principle than opposed it (59 per cent and 41 per cent respectively).  Residents key concerns were:

  • health impacts
  • a perceived favouring of venues
  • long history of excessive noise and anti-social behaviour in Northbridge.

Many comments were inter-linked with, or primarily related to, DWER or City of Perth’s reform elements. This was understandable given the interconnectedness of each element, DWER’s concurrent consultation and the City of Perth’s formal initiation of Amendment No. 41 all occurring at the same time.

We did

The Department shared redacted copies of all submissions with DWER and the City of Perth to ensure a coordinated approach to the finalisation of the reforms.

The feedback from submissions was a driver for DWER to complete further technical investigations to better understand the potential impacts of entertainment noise in and around Northbridge.

Following the review of submissions and analysis of the further technical investigations, the Department provided the City of Perth with an alternative approach for their consideration. The Department has recommended this alternative (“Option B”) be provided as additional information during the City’s public advertising of Amendment No. 41 to enable the community to provide comment on the most up-to-date information possible.

Alternative Option B comprises:

  • An expanded Core Entertainment Area with a noise level of 90db in the 63Hz octave band to incorporate long-standing Northbridge venues and part of the Perth Cultural Centre (a 5dB reduction)
  • A new Transition Area requiring noise sensitive development to be attenuated to account for noise received from the Core Entertainment Area
  • A Frame Entertainment Area with a noise level of 79db in the 63 Hz octave band (no change)
  • Removal of the primarily residential area north west of Russell Square from the special entertainment precinct

NOTE – The final position statement will be updated in due course. Given the complex nature of entertainment noise in Northbridge, when finalised, the position statement will have regard to the feedback from public consultation, the proposed City of Perth Northbridge amendment and engagement with industry and environmental stakeholders.

We asked

We asked local governments how they manage their heritage information (Municipal Inventories and Heritage Lists), what they know about the inHerit online database and what it would take to get them on board to manage their own heritage data.

You said

Most local governments identify inHerit as a source of information, although there is an expectation that Heritage Lists are maintained in inHerit, which is not yet the case.  Many LGs are willing to maintain their own data but identify resourcing as an issue.  No substantial issues in the inHerit system were identified.

We did

The Department will continue to work with the WA Local Government Association to build sector support for a central information system.  Further follow-up with individual LGs will take place to address knowledge gaps.

We asked

We asked for your views on the draft State Planning Policy 5.2 Telecommunications Infrastructure.

You said

In the main, you said that you supported the revised policy, that it provided clearer direction in some areas but improvements could be made.

We did

We reviewed all of your comments and prepared a revised final policy that has now been gazetted. The new policy can be found on the Western Australian Department of Planning's website at