R-Codes Interim COVID-19 Review

Closed 10 Sep 2020

Opened 11 Jul 2020


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is seeking public comment on draft amendments to State Planning Policy 7.3 – Residential Design Codes: Volume 1 (R-Codes).

The R-Codes set out the basis of design and assessment for single houses, grouped dwellings and multiple dwellings (less than R40) in Western Australia. Generally, single houses and structures such as patios or carports that meet deemed-to-comply provisions do not require development approval.

This interim review is part of the State Government’s economic recovery response to COVID-19 and aims to make it easier and simpler to build new homes or carry out improvements by streamlining the approvals process. Proposed amendments include revised deemed-to-comply standards and simplification of clauses and related assessment methods.  

This survey will help us understand your views on the R-Codes and what changes you think might be needed to improve processes. All feedback will be considered to inform the final policy.

For additional feedback on specific aspects of the proposed changes, please use the Feedback Table. Once completed, please email the table to designwa@dplh.wa.gov.au.


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  • Planning and Design Industry


  • Policy Development
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