Upgrade and extension to existing sports pavilion: Lot 2 (No. 131) Memorial Avenue Baskerville

Closed 15 Nov 2023

Opened 1 Nov 2023


The Western Australian Planning Commission has received an application for development approval at: Lot 2 (No.131) Memorial Avenue Baskerville.

The proposal is for the following:

  • External additions to the existing Baskerville sports pavilion building consisting of a new bin store area, umpires and first aid room, entrance area extension with entry hall, incidental cleaning room and storage areas. A verandah extension located in front of the function hall overlooking the sporting oval is also proposed.
  • A reconfiguration of the internal layout of the existing sporting pavilion to include additional toilets inclusive of universal access toilets.
  • The proposed new bin store will be set back a distance of 1.05 metres
  • from the western side lot boundary which abuts 129 Memorial Avenue and 1.523 metres from 127 Memorial Avenue.
  • External modifications to the exisitng building inclusive of additional windows, roofing, rendering of the external façade and solar panels.
  • Additional incidental items such as new bike racks, ACROD ramp, drinking fountain and landscaping.

The sports pavilion will be designed to accommodate a maximum of 156 persons with lot 2 (No. 131) Memorial Avenue Baskerville having a total of 8 dedicated formal onsite parking spaces. When assessed against the nominated parking standard for recreation private (1 car space required for each 4 persons accommodated) on onsite parking shortfall of 31 bays exists


  • Metropolitan North East


  • Residents
  • Business Operators
  • Land Owners
  • Community Organisations