The Street Where You Live

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) wants to better understand what people think about density and infill development, and why.

“The street where you live” community consultation project, to be held in the Perth suburb of Carlisle, will help to determine what the community understands as the benefits and challenges of smart, targeted density to our neighbourhoods. Please see FAQs for further information.

It’s estimated that more than 3.5 million people will live in the Perth and Peel regions by 2050.

They will need a diversity of homes; jobs close to where they live; schools, parks and sports fields; shops, hospitals and restaurants. They will need liveable, walkable, vibrant communities, close to public transport to reduce car use and congestion; with trees and open space and protection for the natural environment and heritage places.

At least 800,000 new homes will be needed across our city for this predicted population increase and almost half of these provided through infill development, leading to greater density within existing suburbs. For further information, see the Perth and Peel@3.5million planning frameworks.


 More Information

The suburb of Carlisle, in the Town of Victoria Park has been chosen as the focus area for this pilot project.

We are not master-planning for Carlisle or considering any new project for this community. Carlisle has been chosen as a typically representative community of suburban Perth.

The Town of Victoria Park will continue to progress local planning as required. This is a community perception survey only; a conversation starter to understand what density means for the people of Perth.

Carlisle has some density and infill development, is close to the city and major suburban centres and is connected to public transport, major arterial roads and key city infrastructure. 

For those residents living outside Carlisle, please continue to complete the survey and note your current suburb.  All responses submitted will be considered when analysing the survey results.

Your responses will remain anonymous and will not be attributed to you.