Draft Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Position Statement

Closed 14 Aug 2023

Opened 14 Jun 2023


In response to the State Electric Vehicle Strategy, a draft Position Statement: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure has been prepared to support the timely and coordinated delivery of electrical vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across Western Australia. 

The draft position statement aims to:

  • assist proponents and decision-makers by advocating for a streamlined approvals process for EV charging infrastructure
  • provide guidance on development applications, public works, appropriate locations and recommended levels of provision for various land uses, including residential development.

Local governments will be encouraged to use the position statement to inform the drafting of local planning policies and in decision making.

As EV technology is a fast-moving industry, the draft position statement has been informed by investigations of international and interstate policy settings, and targeted consultation to understand current and emerging challenges.

Feedback from this consultation will be considered in finalisation of the position statement.

For any questions related to the draft Position Statement, please email infrastructure@dplh.wa.gov.au


What happens next

Consultation has closed. 

Submissions are being considered in finalisation of the position statement.


  • WA state-wide


  • Development and Construction Industry
  • Peak Bodies
  • Planning and Design Industry
  • State Government
  • Commonwealth Government
  • Local Government
  • Government Trading Enterprise
  • Residents
  • Business Operators
  • Land Owners
  • Community Organisations