The street where you live - information and frequently asked questions

Closed 9 Dec 2019

Opened 4 Nov 2019


Over the next 30 years, it’s estimated that an extra 1.5 million people will live within Perth and Peel, bringing the regions’ population to more than 3.5 million.

The Perth and Peel @ 3.5million framework predicts that more than 800,000 new homes will be needed and around half – approximately 380,000 – will be provided through greater density and infill across existing suburbs.

We need to create a diverse range of housing options; jobs close to where people live; schools; parks and sporting fields; shops, services and hospitals. We need to create liveable, walkable, high-amenity communities close to public transport for this growing population.

And while traditionally, we have favoured detached houses on large blocks, the State Government is focused on developing a connected and consolidated city. Greater targeted density within existing suburbs has been identified as the most sustainable way to create a liveable environment for our city’s growing population.

Many new residents will want to live close to friends and family, jobs, transport connections and facilities – suburbs and places they know, or have a connection to. So, where will they live and how will they access the facilities, opportunities and benefits we all enjoy?

The project

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is undertaking a targeted community consultation project – The street where you live to better understand what people think about increased density and infill development.

We want to hear your views, perceptions and preferences on how to accommodate an increased number of households. We want to understand your concerns, address myths and misconceptions around density and discuss what can be achieved through effective planning and design.

The suburb of Carlisle in the Town of Victoria Park has been chosen for this project as a representative established suburb of Perth. Carlisle has some existing density and infill, is close to the city and major suburban centres and is connected to public transport, major arterial roads and key city infrastructure. 

While there are no direct planning or development outcomes for Carlisle from this project, the results will assist in future planning for density across Perth.

The Town of Victoria Park will continue to progress local planning and development. This project is a community perception survey only – a conversation starter to understand what density means for the people of Perth.


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