Bullsbrook Freight and Industrial Land Use Planning Strategy - Consultation

Closed 11 Apr 2022

Opened 9 Feb 2022


The draft Bullsbrook Freight and Industrial Land Use Planning Strategy has been released for comment.

The draft Strategy provides a long-term strategic plan (50+ years) for the development of more than 2,500 hectares of industrial and employment land uses in the City of Swan, accommodating approximately 40,000 jobs at full development and supporting a proposed intermodal freight terminal.

The document is the next step in planning for the area, following its identification in the Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million Land Use and Infrastructure Frameworks, released in 2018.

The Strategy identifies broad land use precincts, service and transport infrastructure requirements, the potential interface between communities and industrial development, and protection of environmental assets (subject to further detailed planning and investigations as suggested by the Strategy). Once finalised, the Strategy will guide subsequent planning processes, including region and local planning scheme amendments and structure planning.

What happens next?

Following consultation, the Department and WAPC will consider submissions and make modifications to the Strategy where required.

Community drop-in information session

Two community information sessions were held by GHD and the Department on Monday 14 March and Wednesday 16 March 2022. Please find a copy of the presentation provided.

More Information

The population of Perth and Peel is projected to grow to 3.5 million people by 2050. This will put increased demand on facilities and infrastructure and create new employment opportunities. Highly efficient freight services and supporting infrastructure will be needed to maintain efficient supply chains to service population growth.
The need for a future intermodal freight terminal and industrial site in the north-east of the metropolitan area was highlighted in the Directions 2031 and Beyond (2010) Strategic Plan for Perth, as a key part of the future metropolitan freight network, linking port facilities and distribution hubs.
The draft Strategy study area generally aligns with the land identified in the North-East Subregional Planning Framework (2018) for industrial purposes, located south-west of Bullsbrook townsite, and north of Ellenbrook.
The Framework anticipates the need for industrial land in the northeast sub-region will reach 2,810ha by 2050 (approximately seven Kings Parks), in various areas, including Bullsbrook. Early identification and protection of existing and future freight corridors and strategic industrial sites is required to avoid land use and transport conflicts and to manage the interface between communities, freight corridors and industrial development for the future.
GHD were appointed by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in 2018 to undertake further planning for the area, supported by technical studies, including: market analysis, detailed environmental study, water management strategy and strategic transport assessment. This draft Strategy is a result of those investigations.

More Information

What is the Bullsbrook Freight and Industrial Land Use Planning Strategy?
This Strategy is the next stage in implementing the Perth and Peel @ 3.5million Land Use and Infrastructure Framework and provides a vision for future development of the Bullsbrook freight and industrial area. It includes the infrastructure and transport requirements to support the proposed intermodal terminal and associated long-term employment opportunities.
Due to the high-level nature of the document, the Strategy is not intended to address detailed planning and design matters. It is intended to provide strategic context for appropriately addressing these matters as part of further planning and design.
How soon will development occur?
The Strategy is a high-level, staged planning framework with a long-term horizon and an expected development timeframe of more than 70 years.
Prior to subdivision and development, the land within each precinct will need to be appropriately zoned under the Metropolitan Region Scheme and local planning scheme. The Strategy sets out the steps required to progress the development of the area. This includes further investigations, reports and consultations which are required to be undertaken at various stages of the area’s development.
The staging and timing of development in the remaining precincts is contingent on economic conditions, the level of demand for industrial land and the coordination and efficient provision of the required infrastructure, such as roads and utilities.
Note: Precinct A is already zoned for industrial subdivision and development, with approved structure plans in place.
What will happen to existing residential and agricultural land uses?
The Strategy is not proposing to rezone or change the West Bullsbrook town site.
The Strategy is a long-term plan that sets out the steps that need to take place to allow for rezoning to occur in the Bullsbrook area.
Apart from Precinct A, which is already zoned for industrial development, a series of changes to the existing planning framework must be in place before subdivision and development can commence. This may include amendments to the Metropolitan Region Scheme and Local Planning Scheme, preparation of infrastructure contribution plans and local structure plans.
What is the relationship between this plan and the North Ellenbrook East and West District Structure Plans advertised in 2021?
The Western Australian Planning Commission advertised the draft North Ellenbrook East and West District Structure Plan’s (DSPs) in mid-2021. The draft DSPs provide a guide for future urban development of an area south of the draft Strategy study area.
A portion of the study area falls within the North Ellenbrook East and West District Structure Plans, and is marked as “Potential inclusion in Urban Investigation” on the draft Strategy. The draft North Ellenbrook East and West District Structure Plan’s should be referred to for more detail for these areas.
What consultation was undertaken in developing the strategy?
In November 2018 a community information session attended by 64 community stakeholders was held to provide information to the local community and seek input into the draft Strategy. The session was promoted in local newspapers, the City of Swan e-newsletter and via letter drop in the local area.
What happens following consultation?
Following public advertising, the Department and WAPC will review submissions and make any necessary changes to the Strategy, following which a final draft will be presented to the WAPC for final endorsement.


Strategy Document:

Bullsbrook Freight and Industrial Land Use Planning Strategy

Technical Appendices:

Appendix A - Engagement Register

Appendix B - Environmental Study

Appendix C - Regional Water Management Strategy

Appendix D - Bushfire Hazard Assessment

Appendix E - Strategic Transport Strategy

Appendix F - Service Infrastructure Study

Appendix G - Industrial Demand and Market Analysis

What happens next

Consultation will be open for 60 days and closes 5pm Monday 11 April 2022. Following consultation, the Department and WAPC will consider submissions and make modifications to the strategy where required.


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