Swan Valley Development, Proposed Telecommunications Infrastructure – Mobile Phone Base Station

Closed 18 Sep 2023

Opened 4 Sep 2023


Address: Lot 94 (No. 98) Park Street Henley Brook

The proposal is for the following:

  • The construction of a 35-metre-high monopole finished in a non- reflective grey colour located in the northeast corner of the subject site. The monopole will be set back 7 metres from the northern (rear) lot boundary and 12 metres from the eastern side lot boundary.
  • An associated headframe and 18 mounted antenna panels located on top of the monopole with space for 7 additional antenna panels. When measured from ground level to the top of the antenna panels the total height of the telecommunication infrastructure is 38.8 metres in height.
  • A 6-bay equipment cabinet located at ground level.
  • Clearing of native vegetation totalling approximately 120 square metres to facilitate the proposed development.



  • Metropolitan North East


  • Residents
  • Business Operators
  • Land Owners
  • Community Organisations