Heritage Act 2018 - Proclamation Regulations

Closed 3 May 2019

Opened 5 Mar 2019


The Heritage Act 2018 (the Act) will replace the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990

Before the new Act can be proclaimed, a series of regulations must be approved by the Governor to ensure the new Act will have its intended effects (Heritage Regulations 2019, referred to as the 'proclamation regulations'). 

These proclamation regulations give further information for some of the key provisions of the Act.  

Once the Act is in active use there will be a period of review to consider whether further regulations are required.

Why we are consulting

There has been substantial public interest in updating heritage legislation, and the Heritage Act 2018 is the result of extensive consultation and discussion. It is important to ensure that the proclamation regulations are given due consideration and meet the needs of modern legislation. As such, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage is seeking comments on the proposed proclamation regulations.


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