Fremantle Prison Master Plan 2019-2029

Closed 3 Nov 2019

Opened 4 Oct 2019


Fremantle Prison, as part of the Australian Convict Sites, is Western Australia's only built World Heritage site.  Welcoming approximately 200,000 visitors per annum, it is a National Award-winning visitor attraction.

The Fremantle Prison Master Plan provides a practical road-map to conserve the values of the Prison, sustain existing visitation, increase activation, and grow revenue with demand driving attractions.  The Plan will establish Fremantle Prison as a globally recognised must-do destination and position the State Government as a leader in conservation and activation of a World Heritage site.

Why We Are Consulting

Fremantle Prison is a key element of the local landscape and history.  It carries significant meaning, both positive and negative, for many.  Accordingly, the ongoing success of the Prison as a sustainable cultural heritage site requires sensitive consideration of community and stakeholder views.

Prior community engagement activities have informed the development of this draft Plan, with feedback now being sought on the proposed implementation of identified potential future uses.

What Happens Next

Feedback in response to the draft Fremantle Prison Master Plan will be carefully considered in the finalisation of the Plan.


  • WA state-wide


  • Anyone from any background


  • Environmental planning
  • Organisational Engagement
  • Aboriginal heritage
  • Historic Heritage