Morley Station Development Application

Closed 23 Jun 2022

Opened 9 Jun 2022


The Western Australian Planning Commission is seeking comment on a development application from the MELconnx relating to the construction of the proposed Morley Station.

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The development application will be determined by the WAPC in accordance with section 116 of the Planning and Development Act 2005.

Development Application Details

The Morley Station development application proposes the construction of:

  • a new station building (including station entries on north and south sides of Broun Avenue) with typical station amenities;
  • 12 stand bus interchange with weather protection;
  • a dedicated passenger drop off area and multi storey carpark with approximately 365 bays with a bridge to Broun Avenue; 
  • new pedestrian and cyclist facilities with connections to the existing PSP network;
  • landscaped forecourt and station entrance.

Why your views matter

Your answers will help us to understand the views of the Perth community on the Morley Station Development Application.

When making a submission please:

  • include the section or page number you are referring to
  • clearly state your opinion and the reasons for your opinion
  • outline alternatives or solutions to your area of interest; and
  • provide any additional information to support your comments. 


  • Metropolitan North East


  • Residents
  • Business Operators
  • Land Owners
  • Community Organisations


  • Transport planning