Draft State Planning Policy 4.2 Activity Centres

Closes 12 Feb 2021

Opened 30 Oct 2020


This consultation provides an opportunity for you to have your say about draft State Planning Policy 4.2 - Activity Centres and Implementation Guidelines. These documents are available for viewing/download in the footer of this consultation.

Information you provide in your submission will be used to improve these draft documents and inform potential changes to the State planning framework. Your feedback may be used in a submission report that is made public, however any personal details will not be included.

Why we are consulting

We are seeking feedback on the draft Activity Centres policy and implementation guidelines. The draft policy and implementation guidelines are the outcome of a significant review of State Planning Policy 4.2 Activity Centres for Perth and Peel, which was gazetted over 10 years ago. We have structured the survey/consultation to assist us in analysing your submissions.

Please provide your feedback


  • Department of Planning Lands and Heritage Perth


  • Anyone from any background


  • Strategic metropolitan planning
  • Strategic regional planning
  • Structure plans
  • Policy Development
  • Planning Reform
  • Land use planning