Ascot Kilns Design Workshop Nomination

Closed 18 Jan 2016

Opened 18 Dec 2015

Feedback expected 22 Jan 2016


The Department of Planning is calling for expressions of interest from community members interested in attending a community design workshop for the Ascot Kilns project

The workshop will be held on Saturday 13 February 2016, and will explore development scenarios for the site, including options for management and interpretation of the remaining kilns and stacks.

To ensure balanced community representation, participants will be selected to:

  • Represent a cross section of the community demographics;
  • Represent a spread of geographic areas; and
  • Ensure representation of key local groups.

Nominations close on the 18 January 2016.



What happens next

Nomination process

At the close of the nomination period participants will be chosen to reflect a broad cross section of the local community.

Participants will be notified by the 22 Janruary 2016 to confirm their participation and attendance at the workshop. 

Please note that participant numbers are limited and that not all those who nominate may have the opportunity to contribute via community representation. 



  • Metropolitan Central
  • Metropolitan North East
  • Metropolitan North West
  • Metropolitan South East
  • Metropolitan South West


  • Residents
  • Business Operators
  • Land Owners
  • Community Organisations


  • Strategic metropolitan planning
  • Scheme amendments
  • Structure plans
  • Policy Development