Wharf Extension and New Finger Wharf, Henderson – development application

Closes 7 May 2021

Opened 8 Apr 2021


Artist impression only.

The development application proposes a wharf extension, finger wharf, land reclamation, dredging and associated works.   

Address: Lot 804 Quill Way and Lot 4552, Henderson
Local Government: City of Cockburn
Value: $102.8 Million


  1. Development Plans.pdf
  2. Applicant Development Application Report.pdf
  3. Applicant Site and Seabed Surveys (Appendix 2).pdf
  4. Applicant Contaminated Sites Summary (Appendix 4).pdf
  5. Applicant Letter relating to Section 45C Application (Appendix 3).pdf
  6. Applicants Premiers Media Statement and WA Government Budget Paper (Appendix 5).pdf
  7. Certificate of title and Deposited Plans (Appendix 1).pdf


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  • Strategic metropolitan planning