Student Accommodation Facility, Waterford - development application

Closes 28 Jan 2021

Opened 17 Dec 2020


Artist impression only.

The development application proposes a student accommodation facility including three buildings up to eight storeys with a total of 623 student rooms and associated amenities, three café/restaurants, a shop and basement parking.

Address: 1-7 McKay Street, 1-7 Keaney Place and 8 Garvey Street, Waterford

Local Government: City of South Perth

Value: $55m

Documents for download

  1. Proposed Development Plans – Student Accommodation Facility
  2. Applicant Architectural Renders
  3. Proposed Landscape Plans
  4. Applicant Planning Report
  5. Applicant Design Report
  6. Applicant Transport Report
  7. Applicant Acoustic Report
  8. Applicant Waste Management Plan
  9. Applicant Sustainability Statement
  10. Applicant Operational Management Plan
  11. Applicant Economic Benefit Statement

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