Feedback Form –Development Assessment Panel System Reforms

Closed 22 Apr 2022

Opened 18 Mar 2022


As part of the Action Plan for Planning Reform, the Government is making changes to Western Australia’s Development Assessment Panel system. The proposed changes to the DAP system comprise of the following key components:

  • The reduction of the number of panels from five (5) to three (3) (to be known as District Development Assessment Panels), with fixed-term full time members. 
  • The creation of a Special Matters DAP to consider matters of State and regional importance, or certain types of applications in precincts of State or regional importance. 
  • General process and administrative improvements to improve transparency and consistency.

The above components have been committed to by the Government through the Action Plan and the Planning and Development Amendment Act 20201. The changes will be implemented via amendments to the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panel) Regulations 2011, publication of Ministerial Orders in the Government Gazette and changes to procedural documents.

Your feedback is sought on the detail of the proposed changes to help refine them. As a valued stakeholder, you are encouraged to review the explanatory information provided, and provide your feedback by completing the form below. 

A completed feedback form is to be emailed to by midnight on Friday, 22 April 2022. Late submissions may not be accepted. 

The following acronyms and abbreviations are used in this form: 

  • Action Plan – Action Plan for Planning Reform
  • Amendment Act – Planning and Development Amendment Act 2020
  • CEO – Chief Executive Officer 
  • DAP – Development Assessment Panel
  • DAP Regulations – Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panel) Regulations 2011
  • DPLH – Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
  • JDAP – Joint Development Assessment Panel
  • LDAP – Local Development Assessment Panel
  • PD Act – Planning and Development Act 2005
  • WAPC – Western Australian Planning Commission

1Reference:  Part 3 – Development Assessment Panels of the Planning and Development Amendment Act 2020.  


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