Metropolitan Region Scheme Minor Amendment 1340/57 - South Forrestdale Business Park Stage 2

Closed 12 Oct 2018

Opened 7 Aug 2018


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is seeking public comment on a proposal to amend the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) for land in the local government area of Armadale.

This amendment proposes to rezone approximately 153 hectares from the Rural zone to the Industrial zone in the MRS, as outlined in the WAPC amendment report.  The amendment will facilitate further planning to enable the future development of the amendment area for industrial and related purposes, the coordination of servicing and the interface of the industrial expansion area with the adjacent environmental values.

The WAPC certifies that, in its opinion, the proposed amendment does not constitute a substantial alteration to the MRS.


  • Metropolitan Central
  • Metropolitan North East
  • Metropolitan North West
  • Metropolitan South East
  • Metropolitan South West


  • Residents
  • Business Operators
  • Land Owners
  • Community Organisations


  • Strategic metropolitan planning