Montario Quarter Public Art Strategy and Public Art Policy Amendments

Closed 27 Jun 2022

Opened 6 Jun 2022


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is seeking public comment on a Public Art Strategy for Montario Quarter prepared by Artify Consulting on behalf of DevelopmentWA. As part of the Public Art Strategy, amendments are proposed to the Shenton Park Hospital Improvement Scheme Policy No. 1 – Provision of Public Art (Public Art Policy).

The purpose of the Public Art Strategy is to outline the vision, objectives and expectations for public artwork in Montario Quarter, and to guide the use of funds accumulated through cash-in-lieu contributions.

The Public Art Policy sets out the specific requirements for public artwork contributions that are required to be provided as part of development proposals. The following key changes to the Public Art Policy are proposed:

  • Administrative changes to give effect to the Public Art Strategy.
  • Amending the definition of “professional artist” for improved flexibility in commissioning artwork by persons who may not meet all criteria in some circumstances. This may include artwork by emerging artists, Indigenous artists or students of art.



  • Metropolitan Central


  • Anyone from any background


  • Land use planning