Hester Park Regional Revitalisation Project Master Plan

Closed 26 Sep 2014

Opened 12 Sep 2014


The Hester Park Regional area covers the large area of parkland in Langford and Beckenham that runs along the Canning River between Nicholson Road, Spencer Road, Roe Highway and Kenwick Link (as shown in the map below). 

We are keen to hear how you use this space and any suggested improvements.

The Department of Planning and City of Gosnells are working together to develop a Master Plan over this park to guide its revitalisation. A key component of the Master Plan is consulting with local residents and users to gain a better understanding of who uses the park and why, and what people would like to see in the park. 

If you use or live nearby the Hester Park Regional area, and you are aged 14 years or older, you are encouraged to complete a survey by Friday 26 September, 2014.  Responses will be processed by CATALYSE Pty Ltd, an independent research and strategic planning company, and will remain private and confidential in accordance with the Privacy Act.   Key findings will be used to inform the development of the Master Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact Victoria Brown at the Department of Planning on 6551 9809.


  • Community Fun Day

    From 19 Oct 2014 at 13:00 to 19 Oct 2014 at 16:00

    To share key findings from the survey and to take part in conversations about your vision for the Hester Park Regional Area. Please attend a Community Fun Day at Hester Park, off Spencer Road, Langford - on Sunday 19 October 2014 from 1-4pm.


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