Swanbourne Station Precinct Masterplan

Closed 4 Jul 2022

Opened 13 Jun 2022


The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) is preparing a precinct master plan for the area immediately around Swanbourne Station to set a vision and establish broad parameters to guide potential future development.

The precinct master planning process follows a market-led proposal to develop State-owned land west of Swanbourne Station.

The Swanbourne Station Precinct Master Plan will identify land, within the study boundary outlined above, that can be made available for urban development and identify key measures to help integrate any future development proposals into the wider community.

We are asking people to complete a short online survey to contribute to the development of the Swanbourne Station Precinct Master Plan. It is important for us to understand how you use the local area, what you like and don’t like, and what you would think could be provided in the future. This information helps inform the master plan.

Why is a precinct master plan being prepared?

The Swanbourne Station Precinct Master Plan is being prepared following a Market-Led Proposal (MLP20002) to develop land in the Public Transport Authority rail corridor west of Swanbourne Station. More information about the Market-Led Proposal is available on the DPLH website

What is the purpose of the Swanbourne Station Precinct Master Plan?
The precinct master plan will inform the State Government about options for development within this study area. It will define sites that are capable of being developed and broadly identify the types of development that could occur.

If the Market-Led Proposal proceeds to Stage 2, the precinct master plan will guide more detailed planning, to be undertaken by a developer. More information about Market-Led Proposals is available on the DPLH website

What is a precinct master plan?

The Swanbourne Station Precinct Master Plan will aim to:

  • establish a vision for the precinct
  • identify sites with potential for development, which promote access to Swanbourne Station and integrate with the rebuilt Congdon Street bridge
  • identify preferred land uses, and the scale and extent of potential built form
  • identify what infrastructure and community facilities may be required if this land is developed; and
  • identify public benefits to be delivered as part of any development, such as public space, sustainability or other requirements.

The precinct master plan will include maps, diagrams and text prepared by a team of architects, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers and property experts. The team will conduct research and design investigations to understand the area and its development potential. The precinct master plan will provide high level guidance for any potential future development.

What are the benefits of a precinct master plan?

The precinct master plan will articulate important considerations for the future of the Swanbourne Station precinct. It will bring together knowledge of the history and key characteristics of the place, with the outcomes from design investigations. It will set out a vision that reflects Government and community expectations for the place, and will help coordinate more detailed planning.

Does the study area include private land?

The Swanbourne Station Precinct Master Plan is investigating potential development on publicly owned land. No planning or development changes are being proposed to privately owned land in the study area. Adjacent private land will be considered as context for the precinct master plan, to help understand how future development may integrate with the surrounding area.

When will development occur in the precinct master plan area?

The precinct master plan is one of the first steps in planning for development and will inform State Government decisions regarding the Market-Led Proposal process. If the Market-Led Proposal process proceeds to Stage 2, the expressions of interest, planning, design, approvals and development processes can take a number of years to complete.

Will I have another opportunity to provide comment?

If the State Government decides to proceed with the Market-Led Proposal process, more detailed planning will be undertaken, including opportunities for community members to contribute.


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