Shenton Park Hospital Redevelopment Improvement Scheme Amendment 1

Closed 7 Mar 2023

Opened 24 Jan 2023


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is seeking public comment on a proposal to amend the Shenton Park Hospital Redevelopment Improvement Scheme (Improvement Scheme). 
The amendment proposes to: 

  • Modify the scheme map to include an additional use area over proposed Lots 42 and 43.
  • Amend ‘Table 2 – Specified additional uses for zoned land in Scheme area’ to include grouped dwellings as discretionary 'D' use for proposed Lots 42 and 43. 
  • Modify zoning table notation to include a reference the proposed additional use area. 

Key information

Why your views matter

The subject land is located in the Shenton Park Hospital Redevelopment Improvement Scheme area.

The WAPC is inviting public comment on the proposed scheme amendment in accordance with section 83 of the Planning and Development Act 2005. 

Comments on the amendment can be submitted to the WAPC in writing on or before 5.00pm, March 7, 2023

Please submit your comments via the survey link below or via post to:

Western Australian Planning Commission
Locked Bag 2506
Perth WA  6001

What happens next

The WAPC will consider all submissions received during consultation before making a recommendation to the Minister for Planning regarding the proposed scheme amendment.


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