Draft Swan Valley Development Plan

Closed 31 Jan 2016

Opened 15 Oct 2015


The Department of Planning, on behalf of the Western Australian Planning Commission, developed the draft Swan Valley Development Plan to guide land use and development within the Swan Valley.

The draft Swan Valley Development Plan establish the statutory controls and policy settings required to protect the Swan Valley from competing and incompatible land uses, and to guide the continued evolution of the Swan Valley into 'A world class food and beverage destination with exceptional visitor appeal'.

The draft Swan Valley Development Plan:

  • Provides greater protection for agricultural land within the Swan Valley;
  •  Encourages the development of tourism activities that support existing agricultural enterprises and complement the rural character of the Swan Valley;
  • Provides for the creation of ‘tourism nodes’ that provide a focal point for a range of more intensive tourism activities;
  • Supports the development of Herne Hill into a service centre for the Swan Valley;
  • Provides for the establishment of a range of ‘tourism drives’ to promote access across the Swan Valley.


Why your views matter

The Department of Planning is seeking comment on the draft Swan Valley Development Plan. Your answers will help us to understand the views of the Perth community on the future of the Swan Valley.

When making a submission, it is very helpful to:

  • include the section or page number which relates to your area of interest;
  • clearly state your opinion and the reasons for your opinion;
  • outline alternatives or solutions to your area of interest; and
  • provide any additional information to support your comments.



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