Zincalume Roof Sheets for Heritage Places

Closes 31 Jul 2024

Opened 1 May 2024


In November 2023, the Heritage Council of WA (HCWA) endorsed a revised development guideline for corrugated metal roofs. The guideline outlines acceptable approaches to roof replacement in heritage places to preserve their cultural significance. While the preference is for original roof materials like galvanised iron sheeting, alternative materials such as Zincalume are also considered. 

Principle 3 of the guideline focuses on respecting the heritage place and its elements. Zincalume is identified as an acceptable replacement material in specific instances where the original roof is failing and repair or partial replacement is not feasible. 

We are now seeking feedback from Local Government Organisations (LGOs) across WA on the use of Zincalume and other building materials with reflective surfaces for registered heritage places. Your input is important in ensuring that heritage places are conserved while minimising impacts on local amenity.  

Please share any concerns or suggestions you have by completing the short survey below by Wednesday, 31 July 2024

Your feedback will be presented to the Heritage Council of WA for consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zincalume and why is it being considered for use in heritage places?

Zincalume is a type of corrugated metal roofing material composed of zinc, aluminium and silicon-coated steel. It's being considered for use in heritage places as an alternative roofing material in specific circumstances to conserve cultural heritage significance.

Why is this proposal being advertised?

The proposal is being advertised to seek feedback from LGOs on any amenity issues that may result from the revised guidelines, particularly regarding the use of Zincalume.

What are some potential issues with Zincalume and other reflective building materials for heritage places?

Potential issues could include concerns about the visual impact of reflective surfaces and the compatibility of Zincalume with the surrounding heritage fabric.

What is the role of DPLH in this project?

The Guidelines have been prepared by the Department on instruction from the Heritage Council. 

What are the elements of the guideline that can be influenced?

The Heritage Council has specifically asked for consultation to occur with Local Governments to determine if there are any amenity issues associated with the use of Zincalume.

What are the timeframes for this project?

The Chair requested a three-month consultation period. Following this, all feedback will be presented to the Heritage Council for their consideration to determine if any updates to the guideline are required. 

Has there been any community consultation on this project already?

At present, there hasn't been any community consultation conducted for this project.

Will submissions be anonymous?

Submissions may be published as part of the consultation process, but participants can choose whether they want their submission to remain anonymous via the survey.


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