Managing Heritage Information in Local Government

Closed 16 May 2018

Opened 18 Apr 2018

Feedback updated 18 Jun 2018

We asked

We asked local governments how they manage their heritage information (Municipal Inventories and Heritage Lists), what they know about the inHerit online database and what it would take to get them on board to manage their own heritage data.

You said

Most local governments identify inHerit as a source of information, although there is an expectation that Heritage Lists are maintained in inHerit, which is not yet the case.  Many LGs are willing to maintain their own data but identify resourcing as an issue.  No substantial issues in the inHerit system were identified.

We did

The Department will continue to work with the WA Local Government Association to build sector support for a central information system.  Further follow-up with individual LGs will take place to address knowledge gaps.

Results updated 18 Jun 2018

This survey was targetted at local governments and received 32 responses from 31 different local governments.  Answers suggest there is an expectation that data on heritage lists is held in inHerit, which is not currently correct for most local governments.  There is some willingness for local governments to act as custodians of their own data in inHerit, although resources are identified as a barrier in achieving this. It also appears that development of a heritage list layer within the State's land information system is not a priority for local government at present.

Training provision and performance of inHerit are generally acceptable, with some pointers given for areas to be improved.

The survey was structured to guide respondents based on how they answered initial questions, to ensure that questions related to their current knowledge and understanding.  Responses noted as 'Not Answered' generally indicate that the respondent was not asked this question.



Thank you for agreeing to take part in this survey. The Heritage Council of Western Australia (HCWA) believes it is vitally important that anyone with an interest in property can easily access a reliable and centralised database that contains information regarding heritage properties, and in particular, statutory heritage listings such as the State Register and Heritage Lists (HLs).

HCWA is seeking to promote and improve its inHerit database to serve this function.  This survey seeks to educate Local Governments (LGs) about inHerit. It also aims to gather input regarding LG knowledge of, and attitudes toward inHerit. Specifically the survey will seek to identify strengths, weakness and barriers that prevent LGs from using the system to its full capacity.

Feedback gathered will be used to improve the system and assist LGs to become custodians of their own heritage data.   

Please read the following information and then proceed to the survey questions. 


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