Guidelines for the assessment of local heritage places

Closed 7 Oct 2022

Opened 10 Aug 2022


The Guidelines for the assessment of local heritage places is an update of the Heritage Council document 'Criteria for the Assessment of Local Heritage Places and Areas', which was first published in 2007 and updated in March 2012. The revised guidelines provide advice and information on the process of assessing places for their cultural heritage significance. They are not intended as a full and comprehensive tool for undertaking heritage assessments but will assist in guiding standard approaches and terminology for assessing local heritage. They support the Heritage Council publication 'Guidelines for Local Heritage Surveys' (2022) 


  1. Guidelines for the assessment of local heritage Places.pdf
  2. Guidelines for Local Heritage Surveys

Why your views matter

The guidelines are primarily intended to inform the development or review of a local heritage survey (LHS), although the assessment process is relevant in any situation where an understanding of cultural heritage significance is required. Therefore, we invite comments from local goverment officers, historical groups and members of the wider community with an interest in the assessment process for local heritage places.


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