Guidelines for State Government Heritage Final Review

Closed 17 Jun 2021

Opened 6 May 2021


The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (the Department) on behalf of the Heritage Council of Western Australia is seeking further comment on draft Guidelines for State Government Heritage assets.

The Heritage Act 2018 highlighted the need for guidelines to assist State Government agencies to efficiently manage and conserve heritage assets and maintain up to date inventories. 

The draft guidelines can be viewed and downloaded here.

This version of the guidelines was prepared using feedback received on earlier drafts.  

Please note that a separate consultation process is under way on proposed changes to the Heritage Regulations 2019.  If you have feedback on the draft Regulations please provide it via the consultation hub survey linked below.

Why your views matter

This consultation will establish whether the guidelines respond to the feedback provided by State agencies and other parties on previous drafts, and generally deliver the required assistance for management of State heritage assets.


  • All Areas


  • State Government
  • Government Trading Enterprise


  • Historic Heritage