Aboriginal heritage assessment of ID:15979 (Avon River)

Closed 7 Aug 2020

Opened 16 Jul 2020


Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972
Notice of Assessment
Aboriginal Heritage Place ID 15979 (Avon River)

The Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee will assess Aboriginal place ID 15979, being the Avon River, at its meeting on 11 August 2020.

The Avon River has special significance due to its association with the Dreamtime creative spirit and the Waugal (or Rainbow Serpent).

Map of Avon River

Property owners with land interests that adjoin or intersect any part of the Avon River are invited to provide comments that may be relevant to the Committee’s consideration of this matter. 

There will be no impacts to land ownership or access as a result of the Committee’s assessment. However, any future activities that are likely to damage, excavate or alter the river, its banks and tributaries may require approval under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972

Submissions can be made by completing the online feedback form at the foot of this page or by post to:

Registrar of Aboriginal Sites
Locked Bag 2506

The closing date for written submissions is 5pm, Friday 7 August 2020. Late submissions will not be considered.

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 is the State’s legislative instrument for the preservation and protection of Aboriginal heritage in Western Australia.

About Aboriginal Site ID 15979 (Avon River)

In 1999, the Avon River was reported to the State Government as a river of Importance and Special Significance under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972, due to its association with the Dreamtime creative spirit, the Waugal, sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Serpent. The boundary of the area applies to the Avon River main water course and its tributaries. 

Does Aboriginal site ID 15979 (Avon River) affect your property ownership?

No. The purpose of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 is to protect Aboriginal heritage within Western Australia; it does not impact property ownership or land access.

Will farming activities that occur near the waterway require an approval?

No. If the activities are not occurring within the water course and its tributaries, and the Avon River will not be altered or damaged, there is no requirement under the Act to submit an application to undertake an activity.  

However, modifying the banks of the watercourse and its tributaries are likely to require an approval under the Act. Such activity may be considered damaging and altering to the Avon River.

If any activities are proposed to occur that would damage, excavate, or alter the river, landowners are advised contact the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage for advice, on (08) 6551 8002 or via email to aboriginalheritage@dplh.wa.gov.au.

How can you find out how much of your property intersects with Aboriginal Site ID 15979 (Avon River)?

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage has an online mapping search system - https://dplh.wa.gov.au/ahis
Once you have reached the mapping system, follow these steps below to search foryour property:

  1. Select ‘Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System’.
  2. Select ‘Launch Aboriginal heritage inquiry system’.
  3. In the ‘What do you want to do?’ tab, scroll down to ‘Search for Other Heritage Places’ in the first window.
  4. In the window to the right, scroll down to ‘Street Address’.
  5. A search window to enter your street address should then appear.
  6. Enter your street address into the dialogue box then hit the ‘Go’ button.
  7. The system will zoom in on the property for which you entered the details. 


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